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2019 Annual Meeting

Our 2019 Annual Meeting was held October 6, 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio. There are many stakeholders in the spinal cord injury community.  Anyone that wants to be part of the change is invited to attend.

Our meetings theme was Collaborating for Change – We all know how SCI has changed our lives. The time is now to listen and be heard. The time is now to bring our community together to change for a better future. The time is now to disrupt the status quo and to set a path for our collective voice. Be part of the solution, be part of the North American SCI consortium.  Join us.

Patron“I’ve been living with a SCI for over 20 years and I want to see things change. I can either complain about it and accept the status quo or get involved to make the change happen. With NASCIC, we are bringing our SCI community together for a collective change. At the annual meeting, there are great discussions and more importantly ideas turned into action. That is what energizes me as a part of a connected community.” –  Jennifer French, MBA, Executive Director, Neurotech Network

Partner: “It is important to Partner Members to have the opportunity to hear first-hand the discussions and business at hand for the community of individuals with SCI within their framework, in an environment in which they lead, and in which we can contribute as appropriate. As a Partner Member, we are enthusiastic about actively listening and understanding the community’s goals and priorities and working with them to address both their goals and ours.” – Dennis Bourbeau, representative of the FES Center

Principal: “The most valuable benefit is gathering together with a growing community of organizations and individuals who are passionate about educating the community about the research process and getting involved.” – Kim Beer, representative of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation