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About Us


The North American Spinal Cord Injury Consortium (NASCIC) has the mission to bring about unified achievements in research, care, cure, and policy by supporting collaborative efforts across the spinal cord injury community.

NASCIC gratefully acknowledges the support of The Craig H. Neilsen Foundation for its generous infrastructure grant.

Guiding Principles

The defining interest of NASCIC is to bring about positive change toward persons living with spinal cord injury and their care and quality of life.

  • NASCIC achieves its mission through the conduct of projects, rather than through the establishment of committees.
  • The members of NASCIC are all treated equally regardless of size, financial means, and breadth of reach.
  • NASCIC builds collaborative partnerships and connections to the SCI community.
  • The organization will operate in an ethical and financially responsible manner.
  • NASCIC is structured as a learning organization, with periodic internal review, including annual/semi-annual reviews of the NASCIC Charter.


NASCIC brings together like-minded organizations, individuals, and groups to improve research, care, cure, and policies impacting people living with spinal cord injury, their families, and community.  Working collaboratively, the organization is structured to effectively bring about collective change through approved projects.  This is achieved through:

  • The formation of relationships and active engagement between the individuals and organizations representing spinal cord injury;
  • The exchange of valid, trustworthy, and useful information, experience, and knowledge;
  • Promotion of and involvement with ‘best practices of consumer engagement’ in research, care, cure, and policy;
  • The creation of a unified platform for SCI advocacy in North America;
  • Promotion of collaboration among experts in the fields of research, care, cure, and policy of participating members.

NASCIC is not a trade association, lobbying entity, or treatment care center.  Those providing such services to the spinal cord injury community may be Partner members.